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Created 25-Oct-11
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Red Umbrella. DUMBO, '07Man with Red Umbrella, DUMBO, '07Cobblestones, Abstract, DUMBO, May, 2007 No. 2Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO, May, 2007Purple Skirt, DUMBO, May, 2007, No. 2Purple Skirt, DUMBO, May, 2007Sneakers, DUMBO, May, 2007Orange Drees & Heels, DUMBO, May, 2007Bleeker St. Station, NY, '07Sneaker of Subway Rider, '07Colored Glass. Staten Island, NY. 2007The Devil is in the Details, '07Staten_Island-90Staten_Island-92Staten_Island-94Staten_Island-105-EditConstruction Site, South St. NY. 2007Cyclist, '07Skip's Milk Bottle, Chelmsford, Mass. '07Chess Table Grafitti, May '07

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