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Created 20-Oct-11
59 photos

Young Bert on Bed, '98Bertie '03Bertie, '02Bert on the Top Shelf, Dec., '03Cooper, '06The_Boys_-2Cooper, May 29, 2007Bertie, May 29, 2007Cooper, June, 2007Bertie & Cooper.  '08Bert on Dresser, 2-14-08Sadie Sights a Squirrel, '08Sadie in the Snow, '08Orange Variations, Peck's Slip, NY '09Sadie, High Pt. Pk, '09Annie & Sadie at Warren Street Dog Run, July 3, 2009Sadie, July 4th, 2009Cooper on Balcony, July 4, 2009Cooper, July 4, 2009Bertie, July 4, 2009

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