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Created 15-Oct-11
44 photos

Halloween '09Beacon Hill Colony, Night, Nov. 26, 2009Beacon Hill Pier, Nov. 26, 2010Beacon Hill Colony, Lower Road, Dec. 11,2009Sadie Watching the Snow, 12-31-09View from Our Deck, 12-31-09Beacon Hill Colony, 12-31-09Beacon Hill Colony from Pier. 1-8-10Lifeguard Chair, Beacon Hill Colony. 2-10-10Blizzard. Beacon Hill Colony, Port Washington, NY.  201020100212-CB6S2510sage advice. Beacon Hill Colony, February 2010Headed Home, 2-28-10Beacon Hill Colony, Morning, 1-6-10Morning Fog, Hempstead Harbor.  April 4, 201020100411-IMG_5423Beacon Hill Dock from South  Beach. July 9, 2010Beach. 9-10-10Rooftop and Trees.  Beacon Hill Beach Colony. 11-18-10Thanksgiving Morning. Beacon Hill Colony. 2010

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