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Created 9-Oct-11
28 photos

Woman with Dog, NY City, 9-1-06Folk Singers, New Paltz, NY 10-14-06After the Rain, '07Street Relection No. 1, '07Yellow Boots. Wave Hill '07Lower Manhattan from Brooklyn Bridge, May, 2007Girl with Green Umbrella, DUMBO, May, 2007Red Umbrella. DUMBO, '07Man with Red Umbrella, DUMBO, '07Brooklyn Bridge from DUMBO, May, 2007Purple Skirt, DUMBO, May, 2007, No. 2Purple Skirt, DUMBO, May, 2007Sneakers, DUMBO, May, 2007Orange Drees & Heels, DUMBO, May, 2007Bleeker St. Station, NY, '07Subway Station, Brooklyn, May, 07,Sneaker of Subway Rider, '07Headed Home - Staten Is., '07Cyclist, '07Morning Meditation, South St Seaport, NY, '07

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