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Created 19-Oct-11
52 photos

Dusk, Bar Beach, Port Washington, NY 2005Hempstead Harbor Shoreline, April, '09Glenwood Landing at Night from Beacon Hill Colony. Nov. 26, 2009Hempstead Harbor from Beacon Hill Colony. 11-26-09On the Beach, 12-28-09Cable Pilings in Snowstorm. Hempstead Habor 12-31-09Sadie Watching the Snow, 12-31-09Beach, 12-31-09Hempstead Harbor, 12-31-09Four Piliing and Gulls, 12-31-09Hempstead Harbor, 1-1-10Piling and 6 Ducks. Hempstead Harbor, 1-1-10Hempstead Harbor Shoreline. 1-5-10Sadie. January 8, 2010Beacon Hill Colony Beach, 1-8-10Hempstead Harbor. 1-8-10annie, izzy and sadie. january 14, 2010Hempstead Harbor Study, 1-14-102 Pilings. Hempstead Harbor, 1-14-10Barges, Hempstead Harbor. Beacon Hill Colony, Pt. Wahington, New York 1-14-10

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